About Us

CreativeIdea is a Sri Lanka-based digital marketing company offering services such as website design and development, email campaign management, SEO, ecommerce website creation, ebrochure design, web application development, mobile website development, mobile marketing consultancy, social media marketing.


We understand that being successful on the Internet starts by empowering every corner of our organization - from the CEO to the security staff - to think and act in a way that describes the culture of information sharing - an E-culture that propagates a web-enabled business mind-set.


we firmly believe that our vision is to become world class website design and development company. Our desire was, and still is, to build an institution that would outlast our lives, and a strong inclination towards being driven by values.


We believe in delivering valuable creative digital solutions to our clients that build and augment their brands by complementing their existing marketing activities.

Feeling ready yet?

Creative Idea will make your idea a reality! We have been successfully serving a broad range of industries, and our designs have been driving business growth.